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This Project is the revival of the good old arcade flight games makes me drift away between missiles and AA battery's. the suprise of adding in the ace combat airships for the Chainlink mission is a wonderfull chirstmass gift to all of us Ace combat fans out there. This takes me way back just blue skies  and a good track to listen at.

For a bit of design critisism : the chainlink mission will often make the enemy fly outside of combat area. not realy a negative thing might be design desision, but it can be a bit of a blue baller to suddenly die.

The fighter wing of F/Z 18's seems to fire missiles to the player from behind himself
Kindof wished this was removed. A ingame explenation why it can do so might do it for me. ^^

The added difficulty is the thing i personally was looking out for, terrific job on the AI in Hard mode: adds to a unexpected amount of replayabillity to the game itself.
(Personally would like to see mercenary Difficulty for that extra challange!)

Goodluck man, especially with the kickstarter!