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Hey I played the game and it was really enjoyable ! I didn't get past the fourth level but be sure I'll try again, the challenge is balanced and fair ! If you're open to suggestions, here is some things I would love to have during my run :

- At first time, I took me 10 seconds to understand I had to go to the right to go to the next level. Maybe an arrow or something could help

- I didn't know I could dash this often, I think a little feedback showing it's recharged would be nice

- I think the grenade launcher screenshake may be a little too strong, it took a bit on lisibility - but the feeling of power is great too, so I'm not sure it should be lowered

And I think that's all. There is some really great ideas, like the little bonus monster taking your coins. The feeling of the guns is neat, enemies are cool... In short, well done ! I'll follow the development ;) Good luck !

Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it! Also thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions! We really love them! :D