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Hey there, thanks for the gameplay demo. Looking forward to Paused being expanded with combat and swimming mechanics. Would be nice to have those pressure plates / sensors light up a path, or small conduit type thing, to whichever gate or platform they activate as sometimes they are not nearby (to help with subconscious guidance for players). I like the soundtrack too, it fits well but sometimes abruptly stops/starts. It is also possible to lose gears through clipping or on higher ground, would be great to have lone gears reset back to their spawn point if they are not interacted with after 30 seconds or so (if not done already?).

I've also recorded some footage of my playthrough.

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Yes a conduit type-of-thing is actually planned and currently in the works. Might not show the full flow but gives you more of a hint. Still busy fixing bugs, working on the combat system and creating our first enemy. We might also add dolly shots to give you a clue about what you've done, if it is not easily visible.

Also we are actually adding a proper tutorial the signs were are quick-fix pre gamescom so we can let people play by their own.

For the cogs we thought about some reset mechanics. Reseting would make them easily exploitable maybe.