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Hello! Here are some bugs I found during testing. As a sidenote, I played this game with an Xbox 360 controller:

1. Once you stop looking around in third person, the camera locks itself in this position. It can easily be fixed by performing a quick camera movement, however, it's somewhat annoying.

2. While holding the "Y" on the Xbox Controller to chase an enemy with the camera, if you press the menu button while doing so, once you leave the menu the camera will keep chasing the enemy even if you have stopped pressing the "Y" button. As with the aforementioned bug, this can be fixed by performing a quick camera movement.

Now, the upcoming feedback is somewhat nitpicky but I believe it's worth noting:

3. There are no visual effects when shooting at water with the gun.

4. Enemy fighters'  movement is a bit wobbly when observed up close. I'm not sure if the wingman and your allies share the same issue.

And finally, as someone else stated, frame drops to 40-50 fps are common when flying near the ground.

Nothing else to report, keep up the spectacular work!