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At 1920x1200(16:10) the plane descriptions in the hangar don't fit on the screen. There's also a misplaced comma in the URKTS description.

It feels a bit weird that the "Multirole" F/A-18 can only mount anti-air weapons while the "Figthter" Flanker can mount bombs and rockets too. Edit: Nevermind apparently you can mount A2G weapons only on the 2nd SP weapon slot.

It would be nice if you added a gamma slider to the graphics options(unless it's there and I missed it). Imo the game is a bit too bright atm. It's very hard to see planes or even your own green reticle when attacking from above and with clouds in the background.

The blur effect looks nice at 20%-30% on the environment but the blurring on the HUD is excessive. Not sure if you can blur that doesn't affect the HUD since it just looks silly to have it blurred. Especially noticeable in 1st person virtual cockpit.

The AI seems competent enough on Hard though the overall difficulty is still rather low due to how much punishment the player plane can take compared to every other plane. Maybe the "Mercenary" difficulty can change that when it's available.

URKTS being able to wreck flying fortresses is a nice touch though.

Overall though I really liked this demo, it was great fun.