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Woohoo down-vote madness. I guess it's better trying destroy a comment instead of trying to find some discussion these days or trying to think on your own.

I created the account just recent and so? Am i not allowed to do so? How you know i won't use it in future for some games.
Useless comment? It was a valid question due to some similar approach of style, atmosphere, assets, inspiration of shooters (wolf3d, doom). Maybe i played too many 90s shooters to see some similarities *shrugs*.  So the answer to my question would be that it's coincidence.

Yes copying games is bad. That we can agree on, no question.  I checked your game/page and didn't see any mention of "free" graphics. Didnt state anywhere that  some things are from somewhere else. You gave some info about sounds, music but only on the page and that's it as far as i seen?

5 min. google search and didnt bother to  give minimum info? Btw. that one element makes up a decent amount of the game relatively to the rest (on title, as the only enemy in a shooter). Maybe you wanna name where the assets come from cause just that one thing alone shouldn't even appear anywhere as a "random free animation" and originated in that mod. I thought i know a few of the graphics from some games and not free sources. But not sure now.

Well, taking a game and calling it yours is bad but doing same with assets is fine i guess. As you said, many of the entries likely do same.

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The issues you're pointing out in regards to the use of an image miss the point entirely. As the OP pointed out, a game was copied near verbatim, and submitted with efforts to hide the original title. The original was properly attributed, and the attribution was removed. In the case of the free picture of the eye monster... we can debate if pictures should always be credited, but in this case, the attribution was forgotten.

IMO, actively removing the original title and author(s) of an already existing game is much different than neglecting to attribute the artist behind a 32x32 pixel sprite (especially one that has been used in many other games with a similar level of attribution)