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Cool, thanks for responding tiffdud. I don't know how long it's been since I last posted, but if everything is still the same since my last post then this is still current. There could be a theoretical debate of less code vs efficient code, but for my sake I am going towards the most efficient because I do not like waiting very long and also because the game does not run in the background for me. The code you have is very neat and tidy, but because of current game mechanics, every time it loops (from various parts) in your code, more time is taken to do the actions assuming everything is output in one stack (if it isn't then the move command would be necessary). Clarifying just in case; If items are in one stack or the same place, then the bot does not need to move to keep picking up the items. I gave the example of bots remembering the last find nearest command or global variable as a solution for that exact reason. The game runs its code in ticks and so my goal is to have the code run in the least amount of ticks. The reason I want the hands to fill up before the stow command is because it uses less ticks. Examples:

With stacking - Cycle - Cycle - Cycle - Cycle - Stow (5 ticks - 4 items)

Without stacking - Cycle - Stow - Cycle - Stow - Cycle - Stow - Cycle - Stow (8 ticks - 4 items)

I noticed when comparing our codes that I could delete the very last repeat until hands empty command not that it would make a difference though because yours is still milliseconds faster and neater too on the second half of the code past the move to command. thanks for that.