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Very beautiful and atmospheric game! I especially liked all your hand-drawn art, great work :) I also liked your use of plugins etc., the point & click -style was a really fitting choice for gameplay. When I was a kid I played lots of these kinds of games; this game gave me some heart-warming nostalgia.

*spoilers* I got to the point where I was searching for the lost children and when I found the 3rd one and the music changed, all character sprites turned invisible and I couldn't continue. I wonder if the scene should have teleported me to some other map?

In your game page I read that you have been planning to make some updates for the game after the contest. If you do so, please write me a message, I'd be happy to play your game again in future :) As for suggestions for improvement, it would be great to see more unique sound effects as well since you have so beautiful graphics.

Thank you for this gaming experience and good luck in the contest! 

Oh my gosh! Thank so so much! :'D
I´ll definitly write you when the updated version is out! °^°7