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Just made this account for this comment!

I loved The Witchling Marjolaine, and I'm glad you guys stuck together for another release. It's another really well done VN with heart and with beautiful art. (Maybe link the backgrounds for desktop backgrounds :D) It's a big improvement over your last game.

My only complaint is that you've done the same thing as The Witchling Marjolaine where you've only given a small piece of a larger world. Not that it's a bad thing! I can see there's more depth but you need more space to show off. It's like a one-shot manga that I want to see turned into a full series, if that makes any sense?

But yeah, really cool! I wanna see you guys break away from the small VN format and just go for it!

Thanks for the kind words! We fully intend to move towards larger releases jn the future, so just keep an eye out.