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I make music!  I can make anything electronic, from Dubstep to DnB to Psytrance to House to Electronica to Electro Jazz to Electro Swing to Trance to Future Bass to Halftime to Ambient to Chill to... sorry, I'm excited.

I also have experience making games, and I am actually making the soundtrack for a game I'm programming myself currently, so I definitely have experience with video game soundtracks specifically.  I can definitely get your music done, no matter what style, no matter how light/heavy.

I only compose with free software (using a free DAW called LMMS), but I do all of it myself, meaning I make all my sounds, mix it myself, etc.  So, if you want a sound, I can make it.  So, I can do your music and sound effects, and I can put whatever sounds you want in the song as well.

I work for free.  I make music 3-5 hours every week day and 8-14 hours every weekend, so I am available at those times.

Here is some more peaceful music: (This song is NOT finished, but I think it is a good demonstration of what I can do.  This song was experimental which is why it sounds so strange, but you can hear in this that I definitely have the capability of making Ambient music.)  (I accidentally made this song WAY too long, just skip around to get a good idea of what's playing.) (Honestly not a fan, but it somehow became my most popular song, so...) (Has a good atmosphere in my opinion) (I like this)

Here is some more active music: (Super jazzy)

Here is some music so heavy, it's ridiculous: (This song is unfinished as well because I just started it yesterday.  If you absolutely hate this, do not worry, I will not let stuff like this plague my other music.) (It's... interesting...)

I also know Python, but I can't work with other people with it, so I'll have to stick with music.

You can contact me at