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The jump on the stick is really annoying.
I kept jumping without wanting to and not jumping when I wanted to. A stick isn't
the most precise thing in the world when it comes to input so I'd really recommend
not doing something like this for your next projects. I also didn't realise while playing that dashing could recharge
my weapon. Maybe a more explicite indication at the start would have helped. As a
result I didn't reach the end of the level. 

But the quirkiness of the game aside, I think it's a really nice accomplishment for first year students, with nice graphics and animation. A clear vision of your concept. Multiple ennemies and
boss fights that are well designed and a realistic scope for the time you had for development. 

So yeah, overall I'd say it's a very nice school project. Good job !

Thanks for the feedback

The jump isn't supposed to be on the stick, we changed that but I uploaded the wrong build, I'll fix that.

The "dash to absorb projectile" mechanic is in the description but I agree that we should've better explained it in game