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I hear tale of another idle/clicker based on a "What If?" article in the jam so I thought I would check it out. You definitely followed the source material to the t. The graphics and UI are good and the concept is solid. 

Two things moving forward with the game: First, I think those numbers really need to be beautified. They are really hard to read in the raw form. Keep them rounded to 2 or 3 decimal places and then either add a number shorthand, like other idles(K, M, B, T), or keep it in scientific notation with a x10^whatever. Second, as others have noted, the unstable progression of the upgrades. Though, I am betting it is really difficult to deal with real world numbers, as they don't care about a balance gamescape. I had the luxury to flow my numbers any way I pleased as long as it hit one mole in the end. Real world be damned! :-P

Either way, I was amused enough by the game and that is what counts. :-D