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Fun little RPG! Entertaining characters, and I'm curious about where the sequel hooks from the Oracle fight are headed.

I did come across a few glitches, though, and I thought I'd pass them on:

- There's a spot on the shallows map where you get stuck if you walk on it. It's the tile above the first reed when you enter the driftwood room.

- During the grotto scene where the party’s split up, the party consists of Riya and Stella when it should be Evander and Stella.

- Returning to the corridor after the aforementioned scene gives a placeholder text line. Surfacing back plays the last grotto scene a second time; Riya still recovers when resting at the Pyramid campsite.

- The exit from the proving ground over the abyssal rift goes to the wrong location on the next map.

- Thunder Shock doesn’t seem to work as intended; when used underwater the first hit never triggers. This means it's actually weaker underwater rather than stronger.

These are mostly minor trifles, though. Once again, great work!

Aww thanks, if you ever want to test our stuff let us know, those are some great catches no one else found. Most of the oracle's predictions have already come true in our other games, there are just a couple that are yet to come to pass. This game is sort of a prequel to the unfinished In Search of Dragons which we hope to finish soon.

Timeline of our games

Really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for your feedback, I've copied it all down for when we go through and fix things up.