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I went into this game with low expectations; safe to say, you have definitely surpassed them by a mile.

- Did you enjoy it overall?
Yes, I definitely did. There didn't seem to be very many formidable visual novels floating around Lemmasoft this year, however I'm glad to have found this. This Nanoreno is brilliant with a very well developed story line, I'm extremely impressed at the capability of you guys to develop this in a single month.

- What was your favorite part?
The music and art were adorable, and matched each other perfectly; also, the writing was simple and could get to be very moving at times. My favorite part was how perfectly everything fit together in Carver's path.

- What parts could be improved upon?
The coding methods could be improved. Quite a few times with an original name, the game would revert to calling the MC Ginger rather than the name I provided it with. When I decide to do a day over because of a bad ending, it would bring me back to the beginning of the game, and refuse to allow me to continue past day one. Also, many of the times choices between good endings and bad endings were the same exact choice; for example, on Carver's path, I could tell him the truth about Heartbaked or attempt to lie; If I tell him the truth, I get the bad ending, however if I attempt to lie, I do not. Yet I STILL end up telling Carver the truth regardless of which choice I decide to make. ( A similar occurrence happened in Radley's path whilst asking Carver for advice.)

- Who was your favorite character?
Carver. His path was beautifully developed, with a lot of depth (Radley's unrequited love was a perfect play on emotions in this path). Not only that, but Carver had offered useful advice to the MC whilst she was crying, even though she had wronged him multiple times (just as he had wronged her.)

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?
Yes, I would love to :)
- Any other random comments!

Lovely job! Probably the best Nanoreno I've ever played. A pretty impressive feat, considering i've played over 50.