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Thank you :)!
Ohh I could definitely do that for the skills, and no worries about taking a turn to read them-I know an instant cast trick that means it won't cost a turn, that's what I use for the Journal in the battle menu :D. I can create an action below the Journal,  'Skill List',  that will let you read through your characters skills.

Happy to hear you like the idea for the separate Boss category too. Yeah I certainly agree that it could use some more battles before it, or scaling back its difficulty to have more difficult difficult Boss's after it instead would be nice. Maybe even a rematch with a stronger Slime King with a full set of slime battlers would immediately work well for that.
I hoped that keeping the tutorial boss as interactive as it was but an easier challenge could help reduce new players frustration when reaching the single Boss's intended challenge. It was a difficult judgement on how to scale its difficulty when I both wanted to make it a challenge to overcome, as too easy a Boss when it's the only one could leave you without any sense of accomplishment, but too hard would definitely lead to that frustration. Hopefully it's not so daunting that players who didn't defeat it wouldn't be willing to come back for other in-between challenge levels later.

Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement towards the project, I'll do my best for sure :)!