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To be honest, I didn't just like the Blood Gods character design, I LOVED it. It made me really happy to see a character that will be romanceable with a more "monstrous" appearance. I don't see that often, so for someone like me who is into more monstrous looking characters, I am super excited. Thank you!

The other characters have good designs as well! They are all very nice to look at. (I am also in love with the names punny names!)

I am very much looking forward to the official demo! I can't wait to see what the stories will look like!

I'll also be on the lookout for the opportunity to support the full game. There is a kickstarter (or something similar) planned for this correct? I would love to be a backer!

Awwww, so great to hear!!! >w<
Hehehe, i am also in favor of more monstrous looking characters XD
6 eyes are an automatic win for the sexiness factor~
I'm glad you like the names as well, those are my pride and joy XD

Awesome, I do hope you will enjoy the official demo! OwO

And, yes, we will have a kickstarter some time in the future! :D
Right now we don't plan to start our campaign until more of the actual game is finished, but we do have a prefundia page where you can preview out goal, rewards, and screenshots from the official demo! :3
I'd really appreciate if you would give us feeback about the rewards and goal if you have the time ^w^