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Absolutely loved this game. All the characters were quirky, and there were a lot of hilarious parts. Oh, and second-hand embarrassment from Ginger's attempts at flirting. Hilarious, but made me cringe at times, and I guess that's exactly the point, haha.

That said, I think my favorite guy might be Radley, since I love the childhood friend trope, and it's sooo obvious that he loves Ginger since Pastry God knows when. Although that doesn't make playing the other guy's route any easier, because it physically hurts me to see Radley heartbroken, especially during Benjamin's 10th day QAQ

It was also hard to watch Ginger being mean to Benjamin, especially after playing his route and understanding him better. And then watching him leaving her store all dejected made me want to cry.

And then Carver. Dear Lord it was difficult to watch Ginger and Carver spout hateful words to each other when Ginger blurted out something mean to him, and he said something meaner back.

Despite being short, it can be funny, sweet, and heartbreaking all in one playthrough, and I think that's a good job.

There was this tiny little scene that I particularly like, and that is during Radley's route, when Ginger is on the stage and Radley cheers her on; depending on the choices, Ginger would yell at Radley "how dare he confess his love for her to everyone when he hasn't told her privately yet", and then someone from the crowd yells "but we already know that!" XDDD And then Radley tries to persuade Ginger to finish her speech first, but another elf tells them to continue their lover's spat, ahh, it was gold XDDD

One thing I do have to mention, I cannot for the life of me get Ending #4 in Radley's route. I even followed the guide, but every time I pick the "help him" option it always continues on, unlike the other bad endings, and I would always end up with Ending #5 instead.

Other than that, this was a great game, and I would definitely love to see more from Gourmet Visual :D