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So, I was playing through this and ended up crashing the game. There was a man in the cafeteria that wanted me to give something to Hale? Afterward, the screen went black and the game crashed.  I played through once more and had the same issue. I will say that I did enjoy a few features from what I was able to see. Turning on the lights in the room was a really neat touch, and I also liked the breaking bottles. For cons, having 500g just sitting in a box in the classroom seemed a bit strange, and the writing can be a bit difficult to follow at times. From what I could see though, it has potential. Wouldn't mind looking at it again if you could fix the crash issue?  Good job so far!

OMG, that guy strikes again! Even though I debug that guy before release the game, he did again. I'm sorry for that. Yeah, this version still need improvement especially for environment. Maybe on the next update I will fix the crash issue and add new feature on the battle system, and I hope you still can try the next version. Thanks for playing!