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Cute.  A nice indulgence for those of us who've fantasized about soft-core bisexual-spontaneous-orgies with our diverse collection of friends.  I myself had been previously turned off of Solomon Fletcher because of the casual bondage in Goldy & the Bears, but Epicene has shown my prejudice to be misplaced, as this comic is both delightful and quite erotic without resorting the kind of props used in....well, more aggressive sexual escapades.

Despite the employment of anthropomorphic furry characters; Epicene feels more realistic than other comics about spontaneous orgies among friends, which I appreciated.  Compare the subtle touches and kisses instigating our heroes sexual congress in Epicene to the lusty presumptuousness of Richard Moore's "A Bet´s a Bet" where a tiger is pressured into sexually servicing his male companions after losing a bet on a football game. While the catalyst for sex in Epicene seems to have been aroused by nothing more than pure mutual affection among our heroes (although the heavy eyelids of Fletcher's characters insinuate THC as an unspoken instigator); ABaB relies on the familiar trope of sexual humiliation as ransom with the petty "straight-turned-gay" surprise ending offering up some kind of justification everything that just happened.

Well, what I'm getting at is that this comic offers a delightfully different tone from the plethora of erotic comics available and one that speaks to a new generation of readers who refuse to be limited by sexual orientation and gender identity.


Wow, thanks so much for the thoughtful review!