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Thank you for taking the time to write such detailed feedback :D

The minimalist style was originally just a time saver, though I did end up developing that into the core of the story hence the lack of music for the majority of the time. I'm glad that it didn't put you off!

Ah, it's a shame about the storeroom. Until you place the final book you're free to walk out again, and if you went downstairs and talked to the guy in front of the vending machine you would have had a prompt on how to use the menu. I disabled the default keys to have the menu run through a common event which was probably a little dumb. Sorry about that!

You shouldn't be able to get the chair stuck in the storeroom, if you push it against a corner it should move back out again. (At least I hope so, I did try to test that area properly.) Oops, being able to run around the street lights was definitely a passibility error though >~< Thanks for spotting that! 

Yeah, I struggled to find a good balance in emotions. Some scenes cut too short and others were 0-60 too quickly, unfortunately I'm not the best writer haha. But I'm really happy that you still felt that you could relate to Yuu in some way! There are definitely pieces that I took from my own experience, but quite a lot of it (including the aesthetics in fact,) were moulded around a friend of mine. Looking at this now that crunch time is over, I sort of feel 'Huh? Is this really the game I wanted to make?', but I'm still glad that it exists...!

Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I really appreciate it! <3