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Hi PalmDSG! You have my permission under one condition: don't spoil the last part of the game. You can show the 3rd room/map (the one that is visible on the screenshot no 3)  up until you get past the gate (which is a majority of the game anyway), no more. You are free to sum it up of course (it's a flawed game but it was very rushed, I barely made the deadline), or just fade to black etc. Also, please mind that awful ESC bug I wrote about below :/ (I guess you could mention it at the start of your video, it would be a nice warning for people interested in playing. Sadly it's too late to fix it now after the deadline passed)

The point of this is, I want people to actually play my game themselves, not only watch other people play it. This kind of linear adventure games suffer from let's play videos in a way that they are just spoiling everything. It's a bit like listening to audiobook - after you hear it, you don't really feel the need to read it. I hope you can understand that. All the best.

Yes.I understand.
Will do as you said

Thank you very much for understanding! I hope you'll enjoy it, even though it's flawed

Oh and please post a link to your video when it's done! Cheers!

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