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Thank you very much, and nothing to be sorry about I really appreciate your comment! You are not wrong about the moonlight and sunlight part either, I think in general you got a really good grasp of everything including Ziva and everything else :)

Thank you very much for your comment, and stay tune for more things in the future!

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Oh good ^.^ thought i was creating an own world for my self :c ~

oh yeah made a lil something for my favorite character.
It's not as good compared to  the art in-game i hardly started drawing around 6-8 months T_T and annoyingly using a mouse still hope you like this fanart i did based on Claire :D 

bleh ~ sorry for my bad english and script XD. ~


This is super cute, thank you very much, means a lot to me. For a mouse drawing it is amazing!

I also love Claire a lot, even though people think the opposite, but for me she's kinda special. Thanks again for your support and the drawing :)

Glad you liked it ^. ^ ~

Claire would me my 1st fave i cant imagine hating someone so pure and the MC would be my second Endyien because of how conflicted his life is,  trying to find meaning and acceptance, cause before the graduation he was trying to find at least a recognition for himself but because of the shackels within him just like his story he became a lone wolf which made him mostly an unapproachable outcast despite being a class clown in my opinion.

Srry going overboard again i just really love the game :)  ~ 

Well thank you for replying i hope i read another great story from you in the near future ~

Well ill stop annoying you now ^°^~