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Hey, thanks for your feedback !

We agree on a lot of the problems you pointed, and there would be a lot of things to add and to change if we had more time, but we dis what we could with the time we had :)

- For the title screen, I personnaly dont think it needs more explication, as the people we saw playing figured out pretty fast how to launch the game. And for the symbol beeing related to a specific pitch, it's the definition of a musical note :)
Also, beeing able to skip this screen is not possible, as it allows the player to continue without understanding and mastering the main control of the game.

- It would definitly be better if the player could hear the different melodies, or to calibrate the microphone. If we find the time, maybe we will add it someday

- For the fact that some people can't whistle, we were aware of that from the beginning. It was a difficult choice to do, and besides the fact that it whithout whistling it completly changes the expericence, the fact that we decided to concentrate on the whistling part left us whith less time for alternative controls. there are some actually, i'll let people know if they really want to play the game, but i'm afraid everyone would just decide to go whith other controls whithout even trying.

-We worked on the way your flock moves, even if it's not perfect it should be better now :) For the reward part, we planned to have a lot more implication and feedbacks regarding your flock, but as time passed we had to reduce our scope :'(

Finally, thank your for playing ! We just uploaded a new version with some improvement, it should be a bit easier to play now :)