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Added Sandbox Mode, with our first Lab Bench Item, the Isotope Chamber!

Spawn and observe any Element on the Periodic Table. Bombard it with Neutrons and watch it change or transmute. Bombard it with Antineutrons and watch it fall apart.

Added 400+ new Isotopes:

  • Hydrogen through Calcium.
  • Tellurium, Iodine, Xenon, Caesium, Barium.
  • Everything from Mercury up to Oganesson.
  • All major Radioactive Decay Chains.

There are now

Radioisotopes in Level 4 "Mobile Chernobyl" now much more varied and flexible.

Miscellaneous UI Updates:

  • Specific sounds for when Protons repair damage on collect, and when your Damage is fully repaired.
  • Damage repair from Proton collection when Damage < 10 now sets Damage to 0 outright.

Cosmetic Changes:

  • Atoms model their exact nucleon counts as they absorb or emit neutrons, increment or decrement elements.
  • Baked lighting on projectiles in flight.