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Very immersive storytelling. The writing and art are the strongest parts of this game. The controls suffer from general clunkiness, as sometimes one click registers as two (though it could be my mouse). I've found that keyboard controls KINDA work, although holding down any of the arrow keys will make Eli jerk around in place. The Space bar doesn't always work as a substitute for a mouse click, however this may be intentional.

I really enjoyed how realistic *most* of the human characters were, and similar the scenarios are to those that we've probably all seen in the real world: 

  • College professors with grandiose ideas about the future.
  • Mobs of paid-protestors funded by big corporations.
  • Social activists throwing the "fascist" label on anything and everything they disagree with.
  • Churches being blamed for all of society's prejudice and discrimination.
  • Technocrats believing they have humanity's best interest at heart.
  • Social media giants intentionally manipulating public opinion and morale, to suit their needs.
  • Tons of immature tech boys hyper-inflating tech girls' egos.
  • Socially-undeveloped guys spam-messaging any girl who gives them an iota of attention.

And so many other subtle details, like Club Spider.

It's a wonderful commentary on our present day world, and I just wish it had a less-abrupt ending. The game would benefit from more buildup to the reveal of (SPOILER) being the big bad.

I give it a 5/5 because at that price ($0.00), there's not much to complain about.