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This is a really great game! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the full version!

I don't trust myself to not put any spoilers below, so you are warned.

First off, I've read other players voice their thoughts about the game, and I can say I share their sentiments when it came to Zel's second ending. It just came across as very irresponsible to me, even if Lunar kingdom did have the means to neutralize the uprisings easily. Although I adored his first ending, and I'm glad he managed to break out of his shell all for the sake of Charming. It must not have been easy. Really wished Dragon had more screen time. He's (she??) adorable XD And perhaps the backstory on how and why Zel was captured and imprisoned at the tower. Or was it mentioned in the game and I just wasn't paying attention??

Next I played Snow, and while I don't have a penchant for playboy type characters, his character in general was so sweet and thoughtful it made me love him. For some reason, while I did feel a little bit disappointed at his first ending, I appreciated it at the same time. Not every princess has to choose a prince to marry, and Snow giving Charming the chance to choose for herself made me love him even more. And needless to say I adored his second ending and the things that happened in it. His second ending is definitely my favorite of all endings.

Lastly, Mer. I'm gonna be honest and say it's pretty messed up XDDD As a character Mer is really my type of guy (for the most part, if you know what I mean), and I immensely enjoyed his interactions with Charming (particularly that one scene that involved candy, if you know what I mean ;)) Everything was even going so smoothly, the wedding, etc., then *BAM* attempted murder. That sort of caught me off guard. I half expected something along the lines of Charming and Mer finding out what happened to him when he was little and get that curse off of him, which is what happened, just not what I imagined it would be D: And it also felt that his first ending was abrupt. Some people might disagree with me, but I'm actually okay with Charming not breaking the marriage off. Mer did hesitate when he was about to stab Charming, very much like how the original little mermaid attempted to stab her prince only to stop at the last minute because she loved him. Although I'm not quite okay with the second one, for good reasons, lmao.

Also, I kinda wish Nicholl had a route. I enjoyed Charming's banter with him, however short it may be. Also, snarky childhood friend is a perfect otome game character too XD

There isn't a prince that I overly dislike, but Snow definitely claims the throne of my heart XDD Charming is...charming, too, in her own way. I've played way too many otome games where the heroine is a helpless lass in need of saving, and this game portrays the exact opposite, which is refreshing and fun.

Good job on the art! It was gorgeous (it was the art that drew me to this game in the first place), and I love the music and writing too!!

I rate this game a solid 8/10, and as I said above, can't wait to play the full game ^_^

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Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long comment and for the compliments! <3 We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall. Btw, sorry about the late reply! One of the writers is away on vacation, so we had to wait for her response on how to reply to some of your remarks on the route she wrote.

Firstly, about Zel's second ending, we totally understand why you, like a lot of other players, dislike this ending. It is meant to be irresponsible, actually. But when us writers first came up with this idea, we thought this may be a good option to offer to the players because the way we saw it was we can't blame Charmin for running. She's 18, already has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and if she goes back, she'll either have to make Zel give up his dreams (and her passion for adventuring), or never be with the guy he loves while he goes off exploring the world. So we presented this as an option to the players -- you don't HAVE to accept your duties as your princess. Is it the right thing to do? Probably not. Is it selfish and irresponsible? Yes, definitely. But it's understandable, at least to us writers. However, that said, having taken into account the player responses regarding Zel's second ending, we are considering changing it a bit, at least to make it slightly more responsible. xD It's not firm yet, as it highly depends on how the storyline for Zel's route goes, as well as the endings for the other routes.

As for Zel's backstory, it was deliberately omitted because if we give out all the details and answers now, then why would anyone replay the new Zel route in the full game? ;) Same with Snow's route. A lot of the unanswered questions are left deliberately unanswered so we can explore them in the full game instead. Dragon will indeed have a lot more screen time in the full game, since everyone seems to love him so much! :D

Secondly, about Snow, we're glad to hear you liked his character! :D It's funny because Snow was the least favorite character pre-release xD The playboy type really isn't popular in general, apparently. Especially glad to hear that you liked the first ending! We had hoped it wouldn't come across as a bad ending even though you don't end up married to Snow, and we tried for a bittersweet feel, so it's great to hear that it turned out well.

Next, about Mer. Haha Mer's route was definitely inspired by the darker tone of the original fairy tale. Glad to hear you enjoyed his interactions with Charming (for the most part) though! You aren't the only one who's mentioned the attempted murder coming rather suddenly out of nowhere, as well as the abrupt endings, so we will take that into account and hopefully Mer's route in the final game won't be as jarring! For the second ending, it seems like players either love it, or don't quite like it xD We totally understand why you don't like it! Though, as much as we hate to disappoint, the writer of Mer's route would most likely keep Mer's backstory and the endings the same in the full game, only elaborating more and adding more interaction scenes.

Nicholl will indeed have a route in the full game! Originally, he was planned to be a secret 4th route, but we didn't have enough time to go for it T_T He became so popular among fans that we can't not give him his own route in the full game. xD His route... oh man ;) I think y'all are gonna be surprised.

Super happy that you liked Snow and Charming <3 Thank you so much for all the kind words and for trying our game! Hopefully, we won't disappoint with the final version!