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I loved the idea of an adventurous 3D space menu - I just wish every game had that. This is a great game for those who have low end computers. To be more specific, you can go to my YouTube About page ( to see what my laptop specifications are to get an idea.

I also loved the Wanted flyers! Haha! The jokes in the game are great! I definitely loved the aesthetics of the game, aka the flat shading. I feel like this game would be something I would look back on just for nostalgia. Oh, when choosing between social interactions, I find that they're too long. They need to be summed up. At least, that's what it seemed like what should happen. Maybe I'm just too used to playing games from Telltale. Anyways, here's my gameplay:

P. S. What do you guys think of my bathroom sign man on the bottom left of the thumbnail?