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Pretty nice, and i see that you're a fellow Godot engine user. If I had to give my feedback on things that could improve, I'd say that you should leave a bar/warning telling how long Stella will stay awake or groggy, or when she will wake up next. Also, I noticed that you can "wake up" her when she's not asleep apparently, was that intended? Just thought you should know.

After all, congratulations for the game, it's interesting and pretty challenging ( I took quite some time go get the hang of it and I still can't survive 2 waves :c)

Godot is brilliantly simple, isn't it?

Thanks for the feedback. The bar thing(even bars for unit health) was something I was considering, but due to 'Real life' issues, I ended up having to make most of the game in the last 4-5 days. So I had to leave that out, which I regret. Will be implemented in the next patch, maybe with some story too.

As for the wake up issue, do you mean when she's fully awake? There are currently 3 states: Asleep, Groggy and Awake. You can wake her from Groggy to Awake, but waking while Awake should have no effect.

Actually, there was a 4th state that I didn't fully implement. When awoken while Awake, she turns Annoyed. This makes her so that she won't respond to your commands 70% of the time, but uses very less mana for any summons. But I chose to disable this till I either tweak it or remove it completely.

Pro tips: There's some text to the right of the board telling how long you have until the wave ends or begins.  Get her fully awake at the 2nd or 3rd turn of a wave, but try to time her sleep to occur right as the wave ends. Also, use a combination of the knights and 1 - 2 turrets, unless you have lots of mana. The knights are there to stop enemy advance, while the turrets pick them off.