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Can somebody help?

I have 6 souls, cleared the church, the building in the graveyard, the gravestone with lights placed at both sides, the fish, the barn and the (extremely difficult) house with no door in it.

I have gone forward and backward inside and outside the churchyard, but I really cant find anything else. Except for that strange 'wall' (that does not act like a wall, since you can pass through it) and the peculiar pole-like things the far left, but there seem to be nothing to do with those...?

Great game anyways...!

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It's not a wall, it's a tower! There's another 2 souls in the graveyard, talk to the people in the house left of the Fish Statue for clues. You need to jump on one of the pole things to get all the way to the left to the Lumberjack's house, and access the cave and tower from there. Lumberjack also has clues about another ghost.