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Awww this is such a cute and fun little game! Love the relationship between Fianna and Leon, they make such a cute and heartwarming pair~
The story was a sweet, fluffy, lighthearted read~ perfect for a lazy afternoon lol The best parts were probably Fianna teasing Leon and his adorable reactions. Also loved the chill-comfy atmosphere the two characters have with each other, it was refreshing to see a pair that wasn't so nervous around each other that they can't even talk to each other. Actually, it was really nice to just see them be two friends just having fun and then they just happened to fall for each other, haha it's cute.
The art is a 10/10 SOOO PRETTTTYYY!! Damn, love the background art too, it looks so detailed. Of course, love the CGs and the Food CGs too, so vibrant and sparkly~
The music is good too, fit every scene just right~ Also, the gui looks really good, so polished and sophisticated, I liked it, pleasing to the eyes.
All in all, this was a fun experience~ Love the game and the characters! Thank you for this adorable game and great work to everyone who worked on this! Looking forward to more stuff from you guys! <3 (I mean if you plan to make more, no pressure xD )


We are glad you enjoyed your experience! While we as a team gathered only for this project, a few of us do have their own projects that might be a fun read as well!