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Thanks for checking out the game!

Nytro takes inspiration more so from the first Spyro game (Spyro the Dragon), as I vastly prefer exploration to mini-games. I also prefer platformers to be very light on story, which is closer to the first Spyro. In addition, I take inspiration from Dark Souls, which tells much of its story through its environment rather than through dialogue.

The game will be divided into hub worlds, ideally with 3 levels, a boss, and possibly a flight in each.

Level unlocking isn't 100% nailed down yet, but the original idea is for levels to be unlocked by collectibles and bosses to be unlocked by mechanisms that activate after activating each level's end portal. Think fluids, electricity, and minecarts going through portals and into the hub. This would also unlock additional secrets in the hub, such as jumping on a minecart to reach a new location. Flights, if they are included, would possibly be unlocked by a separate collectible that would be distributed as a single item in each level.

Assuming they are included, bosses will likely be more platforming-focused than Spyro's bosses, as I've always disliked combat-heavy bosses in platforming games that otherwise do not emphasize combat.

The impact-exaggerating pauses will be enabled by default, likely with an option to disable it.

When the scrapyard level is complete, it will be added to the demo and accessible likely from the dumpster portal. It's coming along pretty well, with progress updates being posted to my Twitter. Meanwhile, second tier patrons can download some level WIP's early.

Thanks again for your interest!