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Today was finishing the Achievement system. The game has 15 achievements - In the screenshot below I was testing their visibility on the achievement screen and making sure serialization was working.

After getting the achievements working I moved onto that elusive bug with the enemies spawning during boss waves. I realized I was not pausing the emitters correctly and made adjustments for that. Though something was still off. I would occasionally get odd behavior like more than one powerup being offered after finishing a boss wave. So I added a TON of logging and found that for some reason an event is occasionally triggering more than once when it should only trigger once. Adding more logging I was determined to track this issue down. And so I played for hours ....... And couldn't reproduce the bug :(

That said - the anomalies that occur now are almost imperceptible, but I notice them. I'll leave the logging on and play some more - we'll get to the bottom of this. 

Other than what I just listed - I'm not aware of any more bugs (though I'm sure some exist). I cracked out a build and pushed out to my testers. We'll see what they find.