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Just finished the demo, and I have some things to say:

(warning: very long)


-The bow was unsatisfying as it is the only auto-fire/swing weapon (from what I could tell) and it feels like it should be charged until its released for use in powerful sneak attacks

-Adding on to that last one, the weapons other than the bow feel like they should be auto-fire/swing because rapidly clicking is slightly annoying

-The pixelated tooltip text was squished together and was pretty hard to read

-The cave had horizontal lines in between textures that disappeared and reappeared as you walked, kind of like Minecraft's line bug (which might just be on my computer but idk)

-Like FilloSov said, once the player is noticed, the enemies should probably prioritize them instead of each other. Then you still have the nice detail of them fighting each other, but also makes the player more involved in the fighting instead of waiting for them to kill each other and then start fighting

And for things that are probably just because its a demo:

-Again, as others said, the town feels empty but big enough for a map to be necessary, the music transitions need a little work, there was little to interact with, and a tutorial should probably be added (or at least a tutorial to teach the buttons)

-The magic abilities (fireball and necromance things) seemed strange to have that early on without learning them

-There was little to no warning or context when major events/teleportation happened, which I hope is just because the demo is as short as it is

-Settings like resolution changing (if it doesn't mess with things to see further) and button mapping would be helpful as I personally find it awkward to hit z and x for abilities and tab for inventory

-The wizard's dialogue sprite was cut off to make a square sprite, making it look off (maybe pull a Stardew Valley and have a box around the sprite?)

Some positives:

-The melee combat feels nice 

-The art style is amazing and well-developed

-I enjoy this game even though I don't play RPGs often

(sorry I'm not good at giving compliments lol)

I wish the demo was released later on in development as it feels too short, and like I said before, needed that extra time to fill with more story context (unless it would spoil something). If any of these things were intended, then keep them in (these are just my opinions: it's your game so do as you please). The game feels like its heading in the right direction and I'm excited to see how the game looks in a finished state.