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Just tried the demo after having binge watched the GameDev series. I have some feedback tho, both positive and negative.

The Good:

- The art is amazing, really. I like your style and I think that you made a very good job.

- The dialogues are not a lot in this demo, but I appreciate the idea of having a town full of people to interact with.

- The feeling of the combat is really, really good, and when the monsters started mashing each others you brought a smile on my face.

The Bad:

- Even if I liked the mechanic of enemies clashing against each other, I think that when they spot the Player they should focus on him/her. It's not fun to wait every time for them to be weakened by each others.

- The town was too big and too disorienting. I was lost and I even thought on leaving the demo because of it. You could add a map or some road signs. Are you sure to keep the houses in that way? I would prefer to have smaller houses from the outside that become bigger when you enter in them so they can be closer to each other and the village will be looking better (imo)

- Ranged weapons seem to be far superior than the melee ones. This could be an impression due to the small umber of enemies in the demo, but with the magic wand or the bow is almost impossible to be hit, while with the sword you always risk to be damaged.

I wish you all of luck and I hope the kickstarter Project will perform good!