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Fix Scoring Bug  --- Check!

Fix Boss Health bars --- Check!

4 Boss waves taking players up to wave 25 --- Check!

Test play balance --- Check!

It was a busy day getting the above working. Scoring bug was an interesting race condition between the event system and the destructor being called on the player.

In play testing I do have a bug that has popped up once but I am having a heck of a time trying to reproduce it. Sometimes (very rarely) the spawn portals are not getting shutdown when the boss waves start. I saw this a few days ago and thought I had fixed it - apparently I didn't. This is the last bug that I'm aware of in the game (I've closed out all other bug related tickets). Since it's very hard to reproduce I'm assuming it's probably another race condition. I'll have to very closely inspect the code around starting new waves and boss levels tomorrow AM.

This is exciting though - I'm confident I'll get that bug knocked out (first priority) and then I want to put a mechanic in to keep people from camping near the edges to much (that should be easy). Beyond that I'm looking into achievements as the final feature before release. I don't know if they'll be Steam integrated yet or not - I started looking at the Steam API but that seems like something I could address later if there's enough demand. For now it's LOTS of play testing to try to find any more bugs and make sure everything feels right.