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I like the art, very beautiful, but the story. 
Like, what? (warning spoiler)

It's seem like that there no consequences for you choices, beside that both slaves dies or the one you "hang out" (by that I mean you have only two instance to pick either slave and if you don't pick the same one twice well that's its) with more doesn't die. I get that this might be the way or the culture of where this story is place, but literally if only one gets scarified then the other is upset visibly. When the main character see this she say something "Oh why she upset this is a great honor." Which is understand as is her culture and her shelter, rich up bring, but it made me wanna scream when the slave you end up marrying and this feels like gaslighting for me, just gets over it. Like they can't get completely upset as they could be easily killed, but it was so quick to the point like "yeah their friend dies but eh its fine their happily marry." 

Seconded point I know there culture might not be as same as others, but it seem like they like status in a sense, like they have to look the most beautiful, etc etc. So why was her father just fine with her getting marry to a slave, not commoner a slave!! 

They (Creators) could added so much to this story in option and conflicts, but I get maybe they didn't have a lot of time and I'm sorry if I'm being too hard. Just this MC could grown, and learn or not, but there no consequences or addressing the reactions/effects of the slave being scarified.