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Hi coughe. It is a pleasure to read that, thank you ! 
Did you play this version ? : 
There isn't much more interactions or clues about the lore of the game but it is way fancier ;-) !

It is only  5% of the full game I thought i would be able to make during the graduation year of my school. Haha, I was way too ambitious for a first game ..
We are working on getting funds and skills to make it a full product that can be sold one day . Just starting though, but we gonna post updates and all on the FB page and if you follow Apophenia 23 (that is the name of the studio who is gonna work on it), we gonna slowly build a community and hopefully release the intended final product when it is done.
And it will be filled with interactions, animations, landscapes, peoples, flora and fauna, stories and a deeper meaning.

Very happy you like it the way it is already, and thank you for the nice comments, it is really helping us to keep faith in the project !