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i just LOVE this game!! i teared up so much and oh my gosh i just love it with the bottom of my heart, and the fact that this, in a way, is a prequel of pom gets wi-fi is what i love most!! i love pom gets wi-fi! and i am jumpin with joy at the fact pom and shibe's owners are wonderful lesbians!! i just love this game so much and the fact that it isn't some perfect diary teen story and that it goes through the struggles of different teens is so interesting! i love this game to death and inspires me more for my ambition as a game dev, keep up the good work! my fave was DEFINITELY min-seo! i relate a lot to akarsha tho, but i love them all but min has a special place in my heart. mainly because i fall for korean girls, im too gay for them. the dialogue and music was wonderful and perfect, too! every character is unique and distinct, i just love them all!