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Hello, I made the purchase of the USB and saved my details (a couple of times as I wasn't sure if it went through). I am waiting with anticipation! I wish I knew what day it would arrive and as I'm from the UK I assume it will be some time... I wish I could get it in time for Halloween! (P.S. I can't believe I left 13 remaining and the fan book is 13MB... that number follows me everywhere... I was born on the 13th and had my 13th birthday on Friday 13th... Perhaps I should have bought this two days ago, on the 13th!)

I received the USB and charms today, just in time for Halloween and I am very happy! The designs are very cool and cute; looking forward to going through the game tomorrow and good luck with your future projects (fingers crossed for Valentine Otome!). P.S. Thanks for the little personalised message! :D