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When I try to load the game up it does this glitch to where I can't see anything in the game. I don't really know why it does this, can you help me on fixing it?

Sorry you're having problems! Are you using Windows? And what do you mean with "glitch"? Where exactly does this happen?

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I am using windows, the glitch is when I press play in the menu It says loading then it just is black, it has the sounds and it seems like you are moving.

This was a bug that happened on some Windows machines. I just uploaded a new version that should fix the issue. Could you try again? Thanks! :)

I will thanks!

It works fine now, but, now I can't jump anymore, I've tried to change the keybind to something else and I've tried to restart the game, but, I still can't jump.

Jumping is an upgrade... :D You unlock it by collecting green shards and then upgrading (you'll see).

Oh okay thank you!

Sorry I didn't reply any sooner