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just why

Yes ? 

I don't want to be rude. Or mean. Or harsh. But its shit. I really can't say anything else.

Why ? You have reasons to say that ? Arguments ? Because for now, majority of people like this game (Bijuu Mike, Frite and they community..), so develop your point of view otherwise by "shit", thank you !

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I am not trying to start an argument. Its just not my taste of game. It just looks kinda cringe inducing. If everyone else enjoys it than ok. Just please don't take it as a serious issue. Its just a small piece of criticism and nothing else. Congrats anyway. I'm just that few who dose not enjoy this kind of stuff. Its just things that involves undertale and anime these days is considered cringe.

I prefer much more your last comment that is constructive! ^^
What I did not like in your first answer was to qualify my game "shit" for no apparent reason, which is very derogatory for a developer! x)

Your last message allows me to understand your point of view and understand why you do not necessarily like my game!

Yeah. Thanks for understanding.