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I've just completed the full game, and I gotta say... it brings back memories. I remember the original: at the spot where it says 'connection log' in the remake during the databattle screen, in the original instead it displays the player's chosen spybot.

Anyway, I do have a question and suggestion: In the original, I recall that I was able to replay cleared nodes to gather even more 'credits' to purchase databattle software, but in the remake each node's credits can only be acquired once. I understand this is to give it some difficulty, but why not employ both methods and allow the players to choose between 'original' difficulty, which allows players to replay nodes to acquire more credits and software, and 'Hard' difficulty, which each node's victory and item credits can only be acquired once only, which forces the player to choose wisely which software to purchase depending on their strategy.

Meanwhile, I also noticed some typos in the game's character chat text. I think that needs some reviewing too.