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Very excited for Low-Fi! It is amazing the work you are doing with a small team. I haven't bought the game yet as I don't have a PC, but I've been following your progress and watching YouTube streams. (Apologies for the long post!) A few questions:

1. Currently, my VR experience is in PSVR. I eventually will upgrade from PSVR, and I'm trying to decide between a) buying a gaming pc and PCVR rig b) upgrading to PS5 and eventually getting the new PSVR2. In some ways, PC offers more options. For your game, I wondered what the differences between the PC and PSVR2 version might be? I'm guessing PC will allow more "customization." I'm certain emulators for the arcade/gameboy won't be an option on PSVR2. But, will there be a way to use your own music on the radio? I'm guessing not. 

2. As I watch on YouTube, I really dig the dark atmosphere. And, dark makes sense when investigating a crime scene, etc. But, I keep thinking that when I'm someday in "my" own apartment, it might be nice to have more light. To see posters I might win at the arcade or the other items scattered about the apartment. Maybe a light switch? 

3. I may be weird, but I kept thinking it might be chill/interesting to walk from one location to another. I'm sure it is too "expensive" to make the whole block 303 walkable. But, maybe just between two or three locales, like from the club district to old tech town? 

I got to thinking about this watching a video and the streamer actually found a bug where he fell into the river and started walking up the river.While a glitch, it was actually nice to soak in the skyline from the ground at a slow pace.

 (FYI: here is the YouTube streamer (Mike) I watched -- the "falling into the river" video was 3 weeks ago. Just yesterday a new video also showed some glitches that allowed him to sneak outside the walkable areas /walk through walls to enter into unfinished spaces. Maybe these videos will help with bug fixes.)