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I'm trying to get all the endings for the completion bonus, but having issues properly unlocking Satch's good end. I've gotten his good end 3 times now, but it is still listed as ??????. I have unlocked everything else; Satch's good end is the one thing in the Extras (aside from the final completion bonus) that I am missing. Advice?

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I was struggling with this as well but I finally figured it out. Apparently, you can get Satch's good ending regardless of whether you win or lose the tournament. For it to unlock in the scene picker, you have to win the tournament and get the good ending (I did this by maxing out my points and picking the choices that weren't bad, but weren't great either). After that, it gave me the completion bonus.

Hope this helped!

It took a couple tries, but I finally got it by attempting that. Thanks!