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the idea of grounding it further with more physical ritual elements

You might like this one from my dad we’d do on camping trips:

Take a pinch of tabacco. Enter the fire. When you enter, walk withershins to your seat. Give your tabacco to the fire. Seat. Receive a handful of flour. Receive a pinch of salt. Think about something bothering you. Receive a touch of water. Mold the flour into a ball. Press that something you thought of into the ball. Hold the ball in your least fav hand. Receive a smattering of whole cloves in your fav hand. Pinch a clove. Name it a strength. Stab ball with clove. Say goodbye to ball. Throw ball in fire. Say thanks. Sing. Maybe hug. Done.



There is now a different ritual game in the comments of my ritual game and I am super happy with this.

Seriously, that is cool, and I really dig the structure of it.