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I really enjoyed this, I loved the abstract look. (kinda like how gender is lol) I was glad to be educated on topics I didn't fully know or understand. It was really nice to have the narrator talking, and when you went through the pronoun doors they pronounced all of them. It was a surprise because I didn't know some of those pronouns existed. The one thing I didn't like was that void didn't have a definition. I don't identify with void gender, but I do identify with the term agender. And I felt that if you had a definition you could've included two other terms to help people with gender. (agender and neutrois.) But besides that it was a very enjoyable game and I think the people that worked on this did an amazing job! (─‿─)


Thanks for your nice words! :) Glad you enjoyed it and could even learn a bit more.

We are thinking about including the definition of void in a next version, as we are currently reworking some of the definitions anyways. As we have often tried to make text, meaning and environment interact in some ways with each other, some of us thought that it was fitting to not have any definition for void, but we can see how including one could help people understand it better.

I also identify with agender (partly at least) so I can see why it can be good to have some representation there. :) On the other hand we know that we could never include everything so we decided deliberately to just give a sample of the whole spectrum and tried not to follow a specific logic on what to include and what not.