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I played TODO: Today earlier this year, and I loved it! I understand that making games is very time-consuming, and even though you could have had a finished version I'm very glad that you're keeping the goal you had from the start. I really appreciate all of the hard work you're putting into the game! I wish you the best with everything!

I think it would be nice to get to choose whether Teal had the masculine or feminine appearance with the "he/him" and "she/her" pronouns, like how you can choose with the "they/them" pronouns. Sorry if it was patched in, it's been a while since I played.

Keep up with the great work! I'm excited to see the finished game!

Thank you (both for the kind words and for being so understanding)! We're really happy you enjoyed our game <3 
When we started the project we didn't expect such a positive response but comments like yours have become one of the main reasons why we want to make sure that the full game is as good as we can make it. So even if it will still take a bit longer we hope you'll enjoy the second half as well!

And thanks for the suggestion! We talked about it and decided to implement this option. Most of the functionality is already there so we will probably release an update soon that includes this feature!