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Hey guys! I just wanted to say, your work is awesome (//TODO:today's probably one of my fav VNs ever, right up the top of my list with some big name VNs!). Thank you so much for all your hard work and especially sharing the dev updates with everyone, even though you don't have to!

I just wanted to say... if you're going on your final semester, I think it's totally understandable (and in fact, I encourage it) that you pause work on TODO and focus on your thesis project. You only really get one shot at uni, and I don't think any fan could be mad at a couple of students pausing dev work to do their freakin' thesis! :O

So yeah. Of course it's your choice, but.. I just thought you might appreciate a little cheer from this quiet follower. Please take it easy guys, you're doing great <3

(edit: also, I always wanted to let you know.. thank you so much for including an option for bisexuality! I was really happy when that happened, it's so rare to have it taken into consideration especially in VNs.. so thank you thank you!! ;v; )

Thank you so much! We're really happy that you like our game so much and we definitely appreciate the cheer <3

And thanks for your concern! Pausing development would probably be the sensible thing to do but at the same time I think we'd have a hard time fully focusing on our thesis project, knowing that //TODO: today still needs to be finished. If production starts and we're still not finished with TODO we might consider pausing it but as long as we're still planning the new project it's actually a nice change of pace to work on something else every now and then.

Also it's always great to hear that the options we put in the game are appreciated! Making the game inclusive has been important to us from the very beginning so we're really happy whenever we see a comment like this <3