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Hi, first of all game is fun. I enjoyed the variety of weapons and gears a lot. I also love the music, I definitely want to listen to it while I work. But there is still a few things that bothers me:

1.  I cannot eat the "Options brownie" thus I cannot change the difficulty. Every time I try to use the brownie, a error message pops up and the game freezes (I can still reset with F5), the message title is "TypeError" and the message body is "Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined".

2. Menu text size is so small. Some of the text of the in-game menu is so small and hard to read. If I go fullscreen the text just becomes blurry and still hard to read. Maybe it would be better if the menu text size is consistent with dialogue text or make the text stay sharp in fullscreen mode.

3. The textbox that shows up in the middle of the screen when transit to a different area is blurry.

4. Will the final version of the game have matching sprite and dialogue art? In the demo the character sprite and dialogue art looks differently. What I mean is after Capricorn lost her crown her dialogue art still wears a crown, and when Virgo turns "purple" her dialogue art is still green. I understand that it would be a lot of effort to draw a different art for each character state, but it will look so nice and atmospheric if the dialogue art actually "changes" regarding to in-game events.