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Hey :)

great atmosphere and graphics!

I seem to have more troubles than anyone so far, the view would not make use of the mouse, I could not "interact" with the 6 cube going up the stairs, and other more minor issues.. but good work none the less! oh.. and yeah the walking speed... ;)

Keep it up!💚💛💙

What's going on!

Thank you so much! Oh and I must say those aren't issues as far as I'm concerned. I've tested anything out, it's just sometimes Unreal Engine 4.26 likes to play games since it's a brand new version (unstable with a lot of bugs) so if you're having trouble with anything try to restart the game. As for the cursed cube you have to actually point your center straight into it, imagine you have a crosshair and try pointing it at the cube or try to get close enough in order to work. And for the record I just updated the project with faster walking speed.

Have a beautiful day!

Amazing :)

yeah I have the same issues with unity sometimes >.< ahah it's part of the fun :D 

The fact I had no mouse view probably prevented me from activating the cube properly :)

Indily yours <3